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What is a Wellness plan?

Sometimes as humans we feel vulnerable.

This can bring up challenges for us that make us feel really uncomfortable or feel a bit distressed, maybe?”

The Wellness Plan is simply an opportunity for people to think about what might be of value to them in work & life.

Regardless of who you are, your position in an organisation, how you engage with a service, how you move through your every day, this is something for you. You make a choice about IF and HOW you will use it.

This is a resource to help us with thinking about what we might do to support ourselves when we feel uncomfortable or distressed. It can also be a way to open up a conversation with others as to how they might be able to acknowledge in us when that is happening & to be able to meaningfully offer some support, whatever that looks like.

The Wellness Plan is something to guide us in advance. Hopefully, with this type of resource and support around us, we don’t find ourselves going into the depths of despair or vulnerability where it has an impact on our broad wellbeing.

It’s the idea that we all have autonomy in our wellbeing and we have choice around that. It’s for people to be able to make their own decisions about what it is that works for them and what they would like to have access to.

The use of this wellness plan can look like anything… It’s really about choice and control for that person and their life to be able to think about ‘How does this work for me?’ and if it does ‘What can I do with it?’

I’ve developed my own wellness plan from this resource and it’s helped identify what makes me feel distress or vulnerable and that has been really useful.

Through the process of responding to the questions that connect with me, there have been a few things that I probably hadn’t been aware of until now.

What I found useful is to have a look through the document broadly and sort of consider the different sections of it – there are things on strategies and tools and supports and reflections and self-awareness and so on”

It’s been noticeable that the things that are really important in supporting myself, and enabling others to allow me to be with what I need to be with, has really been around reflection and self-awareness.

Have a look at some of the questions in there, think about how they connect with you and allow yourself a moment to think about what doesn’t fit as well. If things don’t seem to connect, just remove them.

If for example, the sections around self-awareness aren’t for you, remove them! If you like the section about tools or strategies then let that be your focus!

Really it’s a filtering opportunity to just pull out the things that don’t work, connect and engage with the things that do, and make it your own.

It is a living, breathing document. If you do have a play with it, feel free to share your feedback with us about what that was like.

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