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Bianca & the joy of finding her creative self

I’m not creative! was a story Bianca used to tell herself but we sat & had a chat with her about how she found the space to explore what creativity is & what it brings to her life & wellbeing.

dc: So Bianca, what is creativity?


Bianca: Ha! That’s a big one to start with! Self-expression. And play.


dc:  You helped co-produce the what is creativity course. What brought you to that space?


Bianca:  For me it was coming from another angle of not feeling like a creative human most of my life – for about forty years! So for me to feel creative is only relatively new, and I know that that (creativity) can look differently, so I wanted to get involved for people like me who don’t think they’re creative to be able to see that there are so many ways that we can be creative, and there are probably things we’re already doing that are creative, and to be able to reframe that.


dc:  In terms of facilitating the course, what do you see in the space? What do people get out of the space?


Bianca: I hope that they can find or connect with their creativity, and just to see the benefits of that and how that can support them. And to connect more with play in our life, and I think it’s that fun of we don’t have to be able to create something that we can see but it’s just enjoying that process of play, and seeing how that feels, and how that makes us feel.


dc:  For you then, someone who would’ve said at the start “I’m not creative”, what does it mean to be creative in your life?


Bianca: So it’s things like my cooking, I play with crystals – I make crystal grids, getting creative in my work, starting to get creative with conversations. So seeing all these different aspects of where I can bring that in. And even boring stuff like cleaning my house – there’s creativity in my space rather than things being a chore.


dc:  From your experience, what does that give you mental health wise? From those little shifts that you’ve seen, and going I am creative and I can do it this way, even in the boring things, what does it give you?


Bianca: For some of it, it’s time out – it gives me some space from the “doing” things. And it’s time for me to ground myself and connect with myself. In the really good times it gets rid of all those thoughts or worries and brings me into the present moment. I think really it is mainly grounding.


dc:  Bit of a human being and not a human doing.


Bianca: Yeah, definitely, I get stuck in the doing. So it really just, I don’t know, it’s something just to not worry about something else but enjoy what I’m doing in that moment.


dc:  Okay, so if someone is thinking maybe they’ll come along to the course but they might be feeling barriers, or they’re anxious worrying what that would look like…


Bianca: I’d say just come and give it a go and see how it feels. And maybe let go of that idea of being creative or not being . Just coming in to see what the course is about and how it might be able to benefit. And to see if it might be something that might work for you, because you know different things are going to work for different people and this is just another way we can look at supporting ourselves and finding other ways to look after ourselves.



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