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This course is great if you:

  • Aren’t really sure what Mindfulness is

  • Are looking for strategies for managing your thoughts

  • Want to hear a bit about how Mindfulness works for others

Mindfulness is about drawing our attention to the present moment with openness and acceptance. You’ll learn about this in the course.

You’ll get practical experience for learning Mindfulness. The facilitators will explain the processes, and you’ll have the chance to try them out and talk about it with others in the room.

There is emerging evidence that shows the benefits of Mindfulness. You’ll get to explore some of this information, as well as hear stories from people who use or teach Mindfulness as a way of improving emotional and mental health.

This course runs in two parts! Part A is 1 session long and covers an introduction to the topic. Part B is 3 sessions long and goes into more detail.

You MUST have done Part A to go to Part B.


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