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What is a Diagnosis? Panel discussion

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  • Do you want to hear what diagnosis means to a range of different people?

  • Have you ever wondered what a diagnosis even means?

  • Have you been thinking about how we might get a better understanding of diagnosis for the future?

In this panel discussion, we’ll open up a space to explore the value, meaning and worth for those impacted by diagnosis and those working with or supporting them.

Diagnosis can be grounding, confounding, confusing or scary. Is it fixed or does it change over time? What is the actual role of diagnosis? Is it fact or opinion? This space will explore many of these questions by looking at the value, impact or meaning that diagnosis can have for people. The panel members will consider the future of diagnosis in mental health, and what we can do in the meantime to get a better or different understanding of a diagnosis.

This is a panel discussion. The panel will be made up of a mix of mental health professionals and people who have a lived experience with mental health diagnoses. Audience members will be invited to listen to the perspectives of the panel members and to contribute questions for the panel to respond to.



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