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Leaping into mindful conversations with Lucy


When I was asked to co-facilitate a mindfulness course at discovery college, I didn’t even know how to envision it.

I tried not to overthink it and just show up and see what happens. I realised why I struggled to imagine discovery college. I’d never taken part in anything that resembled it before. To put it simply, it was just a bunch of people sitting in a circle sharing their experience with mindfulness.

The knowledge and stories contributed by the facilitators were no more valid than that offered from the participants. It felt humble, and honest.

I won’t lie, to share some of your innermost thoughts with a group of strangers can make you want to hide behind a brick wall. It can be uncomfortable and vulnerable, but that’s what I liked about it.  We were having conversations I couldn’t have with my family or even some of my friends. I had gotten to the stage in life where I was sick of people asking “How are you?” but then cutting you off as you answer them.

It’s amazing how much we talk, but never really about the important things. discovery college does the opposite of that, and I love that it doesn’t steer away from taboos or topics that challenge your opinions. This can be daunting for some, myself included, but I was happy to see no one was forced to speak.  Either way, you’re going to learn something.

I’ve now facilitated the mindfulness course a number of times, and each time I’ve come away with another tool for the toolkit. Those ideas are often lent from the participants. I’ve met amazing people I now consider friends. It has encouraged my own exploration of meditation and it’s helped keep me open minded to infinite perspectives. I think my biggest takeaway from the course was a reminder to be in the here and now, and I can’t get enough reminders for that!

Check out one of Lucy’s favourite mindfulness clips below

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