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Lindy & the value of laughter

As a parent, Lindy has ridden the waves of mental health with her family, so we sat & had a chat with her about animals, the ripple effect & the importance of humour.

dc: If you could describe dc in one sentence, what would you say?

Lindy: Oooo, revelation-ary!

dc: (laughs) That is such a great word! I guess I wanted to start by asking what made you want to help coproduce the course, Managing the ripple effect?

Lindy: Because of my lived experience in caring for my young person who was so unwell & the toll it takes on families. I just wanted to share ways of helping yourself.

dc: What do you hope people can get from the course if they come along?

Lindy: I hope that they feel better, relieved to be able to share what they are going through and that they understand better how to manage themselves. Also, to hear what clinicians have to say about mental illness in a different space…It’s more enlightening, it helps them work out strategies & it demystifies mental illness.

dc: What is one thing you did to help support yourself & manage the ripple effect?

Lindy: Ummmm, it seems really odd but I kept my sense of humour. I really did. I look back now & that is what I tell families, don’t lose your sense of humour.

dc: I’m surprised, I thought you were going to say animals, actually.

Lindy: Oh my animals, of course, but they go without saying!

Lindy’s two dogs and two cats

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