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Posted: 21 October 2020

That Anxious Feeling

This course is great if you: Want to hear new ideas about what anxiety is and where it comes from Are curious about whether anxiety is something we all experience Are a collector of strategies for living with anxiety (to support yourself or someone else) We hear about anxiety a lot now – but can

Posted: 19 August 2019

Mind + Body: EXERCISE

This course is great if you: Want to learn more about exercise for yourself or someone you know Are interested in the link between mental and physical health Are a star athlete OR a beginner The course will cover some of the emerging research and personal experience on exercise as a strategy for recovery. There

Posted: 9 January 2019

What is Creativity?

This course is great if you: Wonder how creativity might be useful for you or someone you know? Are you interested in the link between mental health and creativity? DON’T feel creative at all? In the course, we’ll talk about what creativity is, the value it brings and how people have found ways to welcome

Posted: 2 January 2019

What is it About Medication?

This course is great if you: Have got some thoughts about medication and mental health, but are open to hearing some different ones Feel confused about the choice to take medication Want to learn about medication and mental health   This course gives you the chance to hear different lived experience and professional views on

Posted: 15 October 2018

Managing the Ripple Effect: Strategies for friends, family and the health care team

This course is great if you: Could learn more from experiences of people who support and care for someone with their mental health Are open to thinking about how to support ourselves so that we can best support others Think that there is hope in coming together as a community to talk about mental health


Making Sense of Your Senses

This course is great if you: Want to know about how what’s around us affects our health and well-being Wonder about the different ways people experience the world Want to better use your house or workplace environments to support your health and well-being   This course brings people together to explore the relationship between our


In Your Write Mind: Exploring creative writing and recovery

This course is great if you: Are looking for a new tool for self-expression Want to give creative writing a go Care about sharing in stories of hope & recovery This course aims to create a safe & comfortable space to explore how writing has been beneficial in connecting with others and/or understanding oneself. We’re


Breaking the Taboo: Giving a voice to the topic of suicide

This course is great if you: Think it’s time to start having open and honest conversations about suicide Want to hear from people who have been affected by suicide or suicidal thoughts Are looking for ways to talk about suicide Suicide can be difficult topic to talk about. We’re opening up a safe space to


Taking the Edge Off: Let’s talk about drugs and alcohol

This course is great if you: Are keen to learn more about the interaction between mental health and drugs and alcohol Find it useful to hear other people’s experiences Would like to learn more about treatment, management and reducing harmful impacts of drug and alcohol use We’re going to think about the emotional, physical, cultural


Understanding Self-Harm

This course is great if you: Would like to have more open and compassionate conversations about self-harm Are interested in learning more about how to reduce self-harm Would like to explore ideas about how to respond to self-harm   Often people find it difficult to talk about self-harm. This course offers opportunity to safely share

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