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Winnie & being human

Winnie wears many hats; clinician, facilitator 

above all human. We sat & had a chat with her 

about her perspective on the ripple effect, 

focus on the family & what it’s like to facilitate 

a discovery college course.

dc: If you could describe dc in one sentence, what would it be?


Winnie: That is a huge question! Maybe: Let’s get better, together.


dc: You are facilitating the upcoming course, ‘Managing the Ripple Effect’. What does the, ‘ripple effect’ mean to you?


Winnie: Well, I go by this saying that you can only be as well as your sickest child, meaning that as a parent, if your child is unwell, it affects you, the siblings, and the community, etc. It’s the ripple effect so it’s everyone’s responsibility I believe.


dc: What do you hope people can get from the course if they come along?


Winnie: Connections, I hope. A feeling that they are not alone. A feeling of belonging. That might be a far stretch…but I like to think that when people go to different courses, it’s that in that moment in time, they belong and are a part of something. It’s great. It’s really to help break down that isolation people can feel with mental health.


dc: So, what made you want to facilitate the course?


Winnie: I like working with systems, hence me being a manager (laughs). I really like working with family systems. I have done clinical work for many years, and the group that is often forgotten is that of the siblings and parents. I like doing these courses because I can be human in them and share my knowledge. I am there as a professional but it is so much easier just to be a human.


dc: The course looks at self-care, supporting yourself, and planning for that as an individual. What is something you do to support yourself? Something that soothes or nourishes you?


Winnie: Something that I do? Exercise! Sometimes there are obstacles that get in the way, but when I get the chance to, I love it. I also like my own space, that’s another one. Exercise and my own space is how I soothe myself. I also like good books, delicious food, and all sorts of other things!


Want to learn more about managing the ripple effect?

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