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What is it About Medication?

This course is great if you are:

  • keen to understand more experiences around medication and mental health

  • curious about the role of medication in mental health

  • Feel confused about the choice to take medication

  • curious about how we have better conversations about medication


What’s behind the decision to take meds?

How do medication and mental health connect?

What is the impact of medication?

How do we know if medication is working?

How do we have better conversations about medication?


In this course, we are going to explore different lived and professional experience around the role of medication in mental health. We won’t look at specific medications, but we will share in different ideas about how and why medication is and isn’t used by individuals. We’ll explore how complex it really is and hopefully by hearing some different perspectives, you’ll be able to find some ideas that work for you, someone you support or someone you are working with.


Check out this blog : Perspectives on Medication

  • Learning objectives:

    Through this course, you will:
    • Have an opportunity to hear different perspectives about medication in mental health
    • Have an opportunity to consider our own views on medication in mental health
    • Explore how we have more compassionate conversations about medication in mental health

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