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discovery college is a place where people come together to learn from each other, share experiences & reach new understandings of mental health.

Everyone is welcome here.

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Our course streams

Every course is co-produced and co-facilitated by people with lived and professional experiences in mental health.

There’s no particular order to our courses – it’s your journey, so you can start anywhere! There are four streams and they might help you to think about where you want to start your learning!


How can we think differently about our experiences? These courses are about being curious! They aren’t just about one fixed view on mental health, but aim to reframe mental health through different perspectives across a range of topics.


How do we build a meaningful life? These courses offer a space to explore this question in lots of different ways. These courses can help you identify your strengths and look at areas for growth and development.


What new skills or strategies can we learn? These courses invite you to play and experiment to find out what works for you while hearing  about the experiences of others who have used particular techniques.


How do we use our experiences to support others? These courses allow opportunities to develop new skills and strategies to help support mental health while hearing about the experiences of others and what has worked for them.

Choose what you want to discover

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