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Perspectives on medication


Take it.


Don’t take it.


Take it for a while and then slowly come off.


Meditate instead of medicate.


Listen to one doctor.


Listen to another.


There are as many paths through mental health as there are people. There is evidence. There are stories. Below are some articles and videos we found around the place that look at medication from a variety of different angles. They don’t agree with one another. I certainly don’t agree with all of them for myself. And it isn’t everything you could possibly need to know about medication (I’d need a bigger blog for that). But there might be something here that leads you to think differently about medication. To find something that works for you. For yourself. Your family. For your mates. Someone you’re working with.


I’m not click-baiting you, I promise.


(And if you think there is something missing from this list, please send it to me at – we’d love to keep adding!)


Written by Lauren 


An article from Mad In America about first- episode schizophrenia and medication.  

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This is one person’s story about the medications they have taken in their lifetime.

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Here’s a film documentary about American children who take medication

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An article on the relationship between medication and spirituality. 

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This post has a look at two ways of looking at medication: Drug centred and disease centred. 

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This interview is by the same author who talks about the myth of the chemical cure.

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