Frequently Asked Questions

A recovery college is a space where we all come together to talk about mental health related topics, with the aim to learn from each other. We are a community that comes from lived or professional expertise. Whether you are still on a recovery journey, healing or just want to know more, we provide safe spaces to sit in discomfort and talk about things relating to mental health that really matter, where we value everyone’s opinions and experiences.

We run courses online, and at venues in person across the South-East Melbourne region.

You can expect to listen to and take part in rich discussions that take away the taboo of mental health talk, and open a space for everyone to contribute and learn from one another that is easy to access and be a part of.

The courses are for everyone. People from all different backgrounds can come, from young people, to parents, to clinicians, just to name a few.

Feel free to bring lunch, or you can buy some food at local shops near the venue. We will also provide some snacks. 

We offer courses either entirely in person or entirely online, facilitated at a variety of times to suit the needs of the people attending.

No. We value learning through open conversations. There are no competency checks or assessments done in our courses.

Our courses are free.

Absolutely. We value hearing the perspectives of people from different backgrounds, diverse cultures and experiences.

Yes! You can. You can attend the course during your professional learning hours, using CPD points as professional development.

There can be anywhere up from a few to 30 people in the space. Attendance varies from course to course.

We love referrals, as we love including anyone and everyone within the space in the hope they can take something from discovery college to practice in their daily life, or reflect on.