The message of suicide

This is a conversation with Jesse about suicide. Jesse shares his own experiences of suicidality and offers different ways we can have more compassionate conversations about it. We think about suicide as a natural physiological response to distress that contains a message for the individual and those around them. We explore some of the misunderstandings around suicide, the importance of language and allowing people time and space to process and heal.

A difficult gift

We sat down to chat with Mary O’Hagan, who’s currently the Executive Director of Lived Experience in the Department of Health in Victoria. Mary shares snippets from her memoir “Madness Made Me” and speaks about how value and meaning can be derived from experiences of madness. We ponder what it could look like if communities looked after each other and created space for people in distress.

In Someone Else’s Shoes Resources

A series of lived experience stories exploring the unique ways people move through distress. This is from the Victorian Transcultural Mental Health website. Watch here Beyond Blue Speakers share their

A pinky red background with light pink spots. Two hands reach out for each other - one is yellow with different coloured finger nail polish. The other is black with different coloured finger nail polish. The image reads. Extremely Human. Episode 5. A search for meaning.

A search for meaning

Elsa talks us through her new role as the spiritual care lead and some of her hopes for the role.
Elsa breaks down and simplifies what the word ‘spirituality’ means, what it can look like in a modern world and why it can be important in the context of mental health and healing.

Is this really radical?

Paul helps to bust some myths about common misconceptions in the medical world. Paul speaks about the value of humanizing people’s experience rather than medicalising it and how including people’s loved ones in their care can make a real difference.

Fear to Peer Image

From Fear to Peer

Cam shares how his passion to help others helped to conquer his fears.

Chris Podcast Episode Artwork

You can sit with us

We chat with Chris about how the experience of bipolar can feel but also how we can learn and grow from it. Chris talks about the importance of inclusion and connection, having a ‘vibe tribe’ and dropping judgement when caring for people who are having a rough time.