Making Sense of Your Senses Resources

Explore some more about sensory stuff with this resource bag.

We have a course called “Making Sense of Your Senses” which brings people together to explore the relationship between our senses and mental health.

We can’t cover absolutely everything in our courses so we’ve put together a little resource bag for you to dip into at your own pace. 


Ever heard about the Stress Vulnerability Model? This video it down, using the analogy of a bucket!


An explanation about how sensory modulation works and some of its benefits.


This video talks us through the phenomenon called sensory adaptation. It includes different activities to try.

This blog talks about sensory diets for adults and includes a variety of sensory activities and strategies.


The Kaiko Fidgets website offers a range of discreet and noiseless fidgets for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus. The creator, Kai started making fidgets for himself, at age 11.

Their website also has mental health and well-being blogs. 


Calming moments sell weighted blankets and other calming products to help with sensory processing difficulties, anxiety, big feelings of overwhelm and much more.

This blog explores how the senses impact your well-being and offers four things to try


Don’t know what to expect from our Making Sense of your Senses course? In this blog, Rick shares his experience with discovery college.


dc soothes is playlist of music made to help bring you some calm and relaxation 


The Sensory Chat podcast is series of informal, friendly and fun chats between a mix of professionals. It talks about solutions and strategies for daily life people with sensory integration or sensory processing difficulties.


Binaural beats are an auditory phenomenon which involves listening to 2 different frequencies at once. This can alter your brainwave activity to induce and support different states of consciousness. Evidence shows their effectiveness to promote relaxation and improve sleep and focus. Have a try of the different frequencies, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta wave frequencies.

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