In Someone Else’s Shoes Resources

Take time to read, watch or listen to a bunch of different people’s ways of understanding mental health and wellbeing

A series of lived experience stories exploring the unique ways people move through distress. This is from the Victorian Transcultural Mental Health website.

Beyond Blue Speakers share their experience with anxiety and depression and what helped them in their recovery journey.

The Big Feels Club create real content about mental health, made by people who’ve been there too. They’ve got podcasts, blogs, monthly talks. and more

Explore first-person accounts and interviews from community members about their mental health journey. This is from the Beyond Blue website.

People with lived experience of mental health challenges share their story. This is from the Transcultural Mental Health Centre 

In this interview, Danny shares the value of discovery college from his experiences of attending and facilitating  “In Someone Else’s Shoes”


In this blog, Nic explores the power of language as well as Surrendering, accepting and letting go of what we cannot control.

 This is a collection stories shared by people who’ve been affected by complex mental health issues. This is from the SANE website.

A person looks upwards with an explosion of colours and shapes all around them

Extremely Human podcast is a conversation about extreme states and experiences that aren’t shared or understood by others. It talks about experiences like psychosis, depression, grief and addiction.


In The Imperfects podcast, the hosts chat to a variety of interesting people who bravely share their struggles and imperfections, and we all learn some valuable take-aways we can apply to our own imperfect lives.

In The Big Feelings Podcast, hear Honor and Graham gab about feelings, with a few special guests with big feels of their own.

In this episode, Graham shares his story of having a total nervous breakdown at age 23 in the ABC’s Days Like These podcast. How to ruin your life completely and come out the other side.

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