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What new skills or strategies can we learn? These courses invite you to play and experiment to find out what works for you while hearing  about the experiences of others who have used particular techniques.

discovery college developing courses

Mind + Body: EXERCISE

You'll get to try out some light exercise in this course while exploring the relationship between mental and physical health.

discovery college developing courses

What is Creativity?

We'll talk about what creativity is, the value it brings and how people have found ways to welcome creativity into their lives.

discovery college developing courses

Making Sense of Your Senses

Let’s explore the relationship between our senses and mental health. Get hands-on experience with sensory modulation techniques exploring how your environment and each of the six senses can impact your mood and wellbeing.

discovery college developing courses


Mindfulness is about drawing our attention to the present moment with openness, receptiveness and interest. This course brings people together to explore and experience a range of skills, techniques and ideas about how to live mindfully.

discovery college developing courses

In Your Write Mind: Exploring creative writing and recovery

Writing can be a powerful means of self-expression of thoughts, ideas, sensations and feelings. Through creative and practical experiences, this course creates a comfortable space to share diverse perspectives, perceptions and stories through writing.

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