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How can we think differently about our experiences? These courses are about being curious! They aren’t just about one fixed view on mental health, but aim to reframe mental health through different perspectives across a range of topics.

discovery college reframing courses

That Anxious Feeling

Come together to explore different ways of understanding anxiety and anxious feelings.

discovery college reframing courses

What is a Diagnosis? Panel discussion

Is diagnosis fixed or does it change over time?
What is the actual role of diagnosis?
Is it fact or opinion?
The panel discussion examines many of these questions by looking at the value, impact or meaning that diagnosis has for people.

discovery college reframing courses

What is it About Medication?

This course brings people together to engage in an open dialogue about the role of medication in mental health. It will allow for a space to explore the experiences you have, or have had with medication. Those experiences might include supporting someone else who was or is using medication.

discovery college reframing courses

Breaking the Taboo: Giving a voice to the topic of suicide

Let’s share in the many views and perspectives on suicide in a safe space. In hearing from others affected by suicide or suicidal thoughts we can explore how to have more open, honest and compassionate conversations about a difficult topic.

discovery college reframing courses

In Someone Else’s Shoes: Different ways of understanding

It can be hard to make sense of the many different views we might encounter in mental health. This course offers space to listen to other ideas, explore your own, understand different frameworks and help develop an awareness of where different views come from.

discovery college reframing courses

Mind + Body: NUTRITION

Our ideas about nutrition can be influenced and shaped in many ways. This course explores our relationship with food and nutrition, the many factors that contribute to how food makes us feel, the choices we make, and the connection between mental health and nutrition.

discovery college reframing courses

Taking the Edge Off: Let’s talk about drugs and alcohol

This course brings people together for an open conversation about drugs, alcohol and mental health. Without stigma or judgement, we look at different perspectives around substance use and allow people to come to their own understanding about what it might mean for them.

discovery college reframing courses

Understanding Self-Harm

This course creates a space to openly unpack experiences around self-harm in a non-judgemental and safe environment. Through compassionate and honest conversations, we’ll work towards a broader understanding of supporting and experiencing self-harm.

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