A healing soundtrack

Embody the benefits of music with Mark.

Mark runs us through some of his favourite tracks & what the lyrics mean to him.

“I used to love dinosaurs when I was a kid. I wasn’t afraid, I was brave and courageous with everything I did”

This song is healing to the inner child. I reckon it’s because it connects us with our youth and shows us all of the thing we valued then but that they also display themselves in our lives now in different ways when you think about it.                                                                       





“I know you’d rather see me gone than to see me the way that I am”

Even though it’s a sad song, there’s a line in there which says “I know you’d rather see me gone than to see me the way I am”- sounds grim- but it’s kind of an understanding of what it’s like to feel disconnected and isolated but identifying with that feeling in the song brings a connection and understanding in itself which makes you feel better.



“Together, Wendy, we can live with the sadness, I’ll love you with all the madness in my soul”


To me these lyrics are about having a real connection with others, regardless if you feel a little crazy sometimes, people still accept you.


“This is the day your life will surely change- this is the day, when things fall into place”


It would be cool if things just fell into place with recovery but the song is just so upbeat which is such a good vibe anyway. 


“This morning I woke up feeling brand new and I jumped up feeling my highs and my lows in my soul, and my goals” 


To me, this song is about feeling trapped when you have every reason to look for less healthy ways to distract yourself from what your life currently looks like, but choosing to make the right choices for yourself anyway.


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