Sam & mindful baking

Stirring up some self-care with Sam + Recipe!

Stirring up some self-care with Sam 


As a clinical psychologist at headspace, people often ask what I do for self-care, particularly during really stressful times.

Well, one thing I do is bake. It is only fitting that ‘desserts’ is ‘stressed’ spelled backwards!

The step-by-step process of baking and, of course, people enjoying the end result, creates meaning for me and can have a significant positive impact on my mood and well-being.

The methodical nature of baking is a perfect example of the mindfulness skills I try to communicate to those I work with such as; paying attention and being mindful in the moment; following a recipe; immersing yourself in a meaningful activity; doing one thing at a time, and keeping focus on the end result.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out the first (second or third) time, and I kind of like that because it means I get to try again, get better at it, and of course, there are always left overs!


Check out these snaps of Sam’s delicious cakes!

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