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Creative Knitting

My daughter drew a picture of me wearing a beanie and the last jumper my mum knitted for me.

My mum now has arthritis and no longer knits, so this last jumper is extra precious to me.

I have knitted dozens of jumpers and socks over the years. I now love to knit rugs. I knitted the rug on my bed; forty nine squares that keep me warm and cosy every night.

Knitting is how I practice mindfulness. It is rhythmic and calming.

Knitting brings out my creativity, I love to experiment with colour and textures.

I walked the Overland Track in Tasmania last year and when I came home, I knitted a rug inspired by the colours in the landscape.

My daughter’s picture of me

Written by Shelley, Occupational Therapist and knitting enthusiast

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